Thursday, June 12, 2014

PinkLV GO Launcher theme

I was suggested by one of my sweet friend with great amount of donation..  thank Tammy.. for giving me a idea with those icons and have me try Go launcher theme.. love how it turned out and love those sexy
I didn't like how wallpaper color comes out with go launcher.. so I will include my all paper pack(SexyLV).. so you can change wallpaper with better quality wall...



  1. Ladies she's being Waay too modest! ALL of the wallpapers are amazing & the icons adorable! If you only have 1 theme,it must be this one. Its everything you could possibly want! Thank you, Debbie for all the hard work! Xo

  2. Hi there, purchased this awesome theme today... Didn't get a link to download. hoping you can help me (: thank you!